In the span of the Academy’s existence of over thirty years some members have passed away. It seems fitting that their names be kept in memory. In addition to their outstanding academic accomplishment, they were fine human beings and a pleasure and honor to know.

Professor Miguel Acosta-Romero

Professor David Allan

Professor Robert Braucher

Professor Raul Cervantes-Ahmado

Professor Louis Del Duca

Professor Gerald Dunne

Professor Walter van Gerven

Professor H. Patrick Glenn

Professor William Hawkland

Professor Jan Hellner

Professor Dan Henderson

Professor John Honnold

Albert Kritzer

Professor Shalom Lerner

Ferenc Madl

Professor Wolfgang Freiherr von Marschall

Professor Jan Ramberg

Professor Norbert Reich

Professor Robert Riegert

Walter Rodino

Harry C. Sigman

Malcolm Smith

Professor Bernd Stauder

Professor Ignacio Winizky